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August 30, 2013

Since we started back in 2004 we have strived to providing unique products that you don't find in your normal pet store.  It really is the essence of why we started Furr Kids in the first place.  Over the past 9 years our focus has been to find and create produces with a strong design aesthetics, excellent quality and their ability to enhance the lives of our dogs and cats, thus building a stronger bond with us their pet parents.

Over the years we have seen a big change in the New Zealand market and the expansion of the industry as a whole globally but our focus is still 100% on bringing you gear for your dog and cat that is not only fun for your animals but looks beautiful in your home like our designer bowls from Unleashed Life or encourages you to spend time together like our DoggyRide Bike Trailers.  

We stock only products we would use on our own loved furry family members and everything is trialled by at least one of them.  

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and please know we are here to help with any of your product questions.  

Our true passion is animal and if we can help make a day brighter for them and give you joy by doing the same then we have achieved what we set out to accomplish.

Furr Kids new online store launches

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