PupGo 3 for front

PupGo 55 Complete Starter Pack

Our PupGo 55 Complete Starter Pack contains is everything you need with a PupGo including grass, an extra grass so you have a clean one to pop down while cleaning and drying the other and a 500ml PupGo Sanitiser and Cleaner to keep your PupGo smelling nice and bacteria-free.

  • Self draining grass
  • No litter tracking
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Great for small dogs and puppy training
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Made in NZ (imported grass)
      1. Tray size : 55cm x 55cm, Height: 3.7cm
      2. Mat size : 50cm x 50cm
      3. Holds at least 1 litre of fluids
      1. 1 x PupGo 55 Tray
      2. 2 x PupGo Grass
      3. 1 x PupGo Cleaner & Sanitiser
      4. Cleaning Instructions
      5. Training your Dog to use PupGo Guide
      6. Discount code for extra grass

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