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PupGo 55 Cat

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PupGo works wonderfully for cats as an enviro-friendly, cleaner alternative to kitty litter, giving your kitty a contained grass area to toilet without the ongoing costs or waste of kitty litter.

Specifically designed, anti-bacterial, free-draining, woven, synthetic grass sits on a catchment tray that has a raised grate-like bottom. This holds the grass raised up so when your cat urinates on the grass fluids drain through, keeping the grass surface clean and dry so it can be used over and over. Solids can easily be removed with a paper towel or waste bag and disposed of.
Our grass fits snug to the tray to reduce the risk of the grass moving when cats dig and scratch. The fibers are woven as single thread so cats claws do not get caught.

  • Self draining grass
  • No litter tracking
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfect replacement for kitty litter
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Made in NZ (imported grass)
      1. Tray size : 55cm x 55cm, Height: 3.7cm
      2. Mat size : 50cm x 50cm
      3. Holds at least 1 litre of fluids
      1. 1 x PupGo 55 Tray
      2. 1 x PupGo Grass
      3. Cleaning Instructions
      4. How to Transition your Cat Guide
      5. Discount voucher for extra grass

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