Sleepypod Black

Sleepypod mobile pet bed was designed to help alleviate the stress some animals suffer when traveling.

The cleverly designed base with plush mink like lining is an everyday bed for your cat or small dog with modular lining and padding making it a breeze to clean. When on the move simply zip on the dome top and the bed base becomes a stylish carrier. The combination of the pets bed being used as the carrier creates a safe, stress free space of familiar surrounds and smells.

Sleepypod has also been extensively tested in crash simulations to make sure it is the safest traveling capsule for your pet. The Sleepypods purpose built buckles for strapping in make it easy to safely secure into your cars seat with the passenger seat belt.

  • Machine washable bedding
  • Water resistant nylon covered foam padded lining
  • Durable outer shell made with luggage grade ballistic nylon.


Pet Weight
up to 6.8kg
Bed + Dome
43cm x 33cm
Bed + Dome (inside)
38cm x 28cm
43cm x 20cm

Currently available by special order only.ÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎ__
Please contact us for details.

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