Summer Travels

Heading away for the holidays with your dog is so much fun but can also throw a few challenges in the mix too. Where to toilet your dog?  Whether you're on the water or at the bach. 

Like many, we tend to hit the water with our dogs every summer to enjoy the beautiful islands of the Hauraki Gulf, but toileting two dogs when on a boat isn't easy.  It requires 4 to 5 trips to the shore each day for a run and "relief" stop and when most of the islands are DOC controlled, taking your dog ashore is not an option. This means restrictions on where you can park up for the night if you can't take your dog ashore.

We have started using the PupGo 80 Portable Pet Lawn onboard and it's been fabulous.  While the dogs still need to get off and stretch their legs, the need to haul out of bed at 6am for the morning pee or dinghy into the beach at dark is no longer mandatory, they can just pop out back and go toilet on their PupGo. 

Cleaning is easy too, tip the waste overboard or down your boats sanitation system.  Squirt is out with the hose, or rinse with some salt water and you're done, pop the mat back down and it will dry on the tray.  Use some dish liquid and water if starting to get a bit stinky.  Spray with a mix of white wine vinegar and water will also help eliminate odours.

The PupGo is really low profile at only 35mm high, so can slide out the way under seats when not in use.  It is robust too, built for New Zealand conditions, it is UV stable so won't go all warped and twisted if left in the sun.  If you need to walk over it, don't worry it's tough, you can stand on your dogs PupGo (provided its on a flat surface) without it cracking.


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