• Small dogs and puppies.

    The PupGo 55 is ideal for smaller dogs and small-medium sized puppies who will eventually transition to outdoor toileting. It works well in smaller spaces.

    PupGo 55
  • Medium dogs.

    Medium dogs and larger puppies can opt for either size PupGo depending on frequency of use. See our sizing guide below to work out the best fit for your dog.

    PupGo 55 or PupGo 80
  • Large dogs.

    The PupGo 80 is the optimal choice for larger dogs, all dogs who will consistently utilise a dog toilet with no alternative elimination zones, or multiple dog households.

    PupGo 80

Choosing the right PupGo.

How to measure your dog for PupGo.

With your dog standing, measure the distance from the front feet to the back feet.

  • Up to 35cm - PupGo 55 is a good fit for your dog to use everyday. 
  • Up to 40cm - PupGo 55 for casual users or chose a PupGo 80 if its your dogs only toilet.
  • Up to 65cm - PupGo 80

How often will your dog use their toilet?

Main or only toilet

If you plan on the PupGo being your dog's primary bathroom option, I highly recommend choosing a larger size. If your dog's measurements fall within the upper range for the smaller PupGo 55 and you have the available space, opting for the larger PupGo 80 would be a wise decision. It's important that your dog feels comfortable using their designated bathroom area, so providing enough space for them to do their business multiple times a day is essential. Additionally, the larger capacity of the PupGo will also result in less frequent cleanings for families with multiple small dogs.

Casual user

If your dog only uses the tray at night or when you're away during the day, the amount of space is not as important. As long as your dog can comfortably fit all four paws on the tray and have enough room for squatting, it should be sufficient.

Where will you put your dogs toilet?

Consider the placement of your dog's toilet. Assess the available space. Opting for a larger area with ample room around the toilet. If your PupGo is situated in a cramped location, it may not be as comfortable for your pet to use.

To ensure easy access and prevent messy feet, it is recommended to have at least 3 edges free for your dog to walk on and off without any restrictions or the need to turn around or back out.

Areas away from main living rooms like the laundry or bathroom are great places for you indoor toilet.  It gives you easy access for cleaning and waste removal plus any "misses" can easily be wiped up on hard floors. 

Choosing the right size dog toilet.

For the best success, chose the right size toilet for your dog. Monitor how the usually toilet?  Are they a squatter, a circler, or a leg cocker?  Dogs who like to circle prior to eliminating may require a little more space. For boys who like to cock their leg I find most will revert to a low leg lift or even a squat over time.  If your boy is a leg-lifter, avoid placing your PupGo up against a wall until he gets the hang of it, you could try placing a small target like a small used soft drink bottle filled with sand in the center of the mat in the training phase. Avoid placing near the edge as you want him to be aiming for the centre of the mat.