Choosing the right size PupGo for your Dog

Consider these points when choosing a PupGo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn:
  1. How big is your dog?
  2. Will the lawn be used all the time as your dogs main toilet area or just occasionally?
  3. Think about the space you have and where you'll put the lawn.

    What size PupGo is right for my dog?

      With your dog standing naturally, take an approximate measure from the front feet to the back feet (or shoulder to hip).

        How to measure your dog

          Up to 35cm
          If your dogs hip-to-shoulder (or front foot to back foot) measures up to 35cm, then the PupGo 55 is a good fit for you.  This size will also be suitable for casual users up to 40cm long.

          Up to 55cm
          If your dogs hip-to-shoulder (or front foot to back foot) measures up to 55cm, the the PupGo 80 will be a good fit for your dog.  This size will also be ok for casual users up to 60cm

          These measures are approximate, and to use as a guideline only.

          Choosing the right size indoor toilet for your dog matters. It makes their potty time more comfy and lowers the chance of accidents.  And you will be the one cleaning it, so consider your environment and how you will move it through your home.

          Observe your dog's toileting habits. Is he a squatter, circler, or leg lifter? Depending on their behavior, they might need extra space. Circlers or leg lifting may require a bit more room.

          Many dogs have a habit of circling before toileting, so providing ample space for them to do so can make their new bathroom experience feel more natural. For male dogs who lift their legs, many will adjust to a lower leg lift or revert to squatting or hovering. If your male dog is a leg lifter, avoid placing the PupGo against the wall until he's accustomed to it. To help him aim, you can place a small target, like a soft drink bottle filled with sand, in the center of the mat. Keep it low to ensure his pee lands on the mat, not too close to the edge. This can assist in his adjustment.

          Our PupGo's are available in two sizes, a 55cm square or the larger 80cm square.


          How often will your dog be expected to use their PupGo?

          Main or only toilet
          If the PupGo is going to be your dogs main toilet option then I always suggest go bigger. If your dog measures near the top range of smaller PupGo 55 and you have the space I would definitely choose the larger PupGo 80. You want your dog to be comfortable using his toilet so making sure he has enough space to do his business many times a day is a must. Additionally, for households with multiple small dogs, the larger capacity of the PupGo can reduce the frequency of cleanings needed throughout the day.

          Casual user
          If your dog will only use the PupGo casually, such as at night or when you're out during the day, the space requirement isn't as crucial. As long as your dog can comfortably stand on the tray with all four paws and has room for the poop squat, the size should suffice.

          Where will you put their PupGo?

          When deciding where to place your dog's toilet, consider the available space in your home. While a larger area is beneficial for your dog's comfort, tight surroundings might make your dog feel cramped.

          Ideally, leave at least three edges free around the PupGo so your dog can walk on and off without feeling restricted or needing to turn around, which could lead to messy situations.

          Spaces like the laundry or bathroom, away from main living areas, are excellent choices for indoor toilets. They provide easy access for cleaning and waste removal, and any accidents can be easily cleaned up on hard floors.

           We refer to the dog as he purely for the purpose and consistency of this article.