PupGo for Cats

Yes, it's true, you can now escape the messy, wasteful and expensive world of kitty litter.  The PupGo 55 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn is perfect for indoor cats and a great alternative to kitty litter.  It is reusable over and over again and will last for years, so no dirty litter to dispose of, reducing waste and expense.

How does it work?

The PupGo grass mats are single strands that loop on the underside of the mat which means there are no loops in the pile for claws to get caught in when your cat digs and scratches and its snug fit into the trays keeps the mat right where it is suppose to be.

The free draining mat allows fluids to drain through and solids can be removed with toilet paper or handy towel and flushed away or placed in the bin.  Click here for further cleaning tips.

I highly recommend getting the extra mat option so you have a clean mat to put down when the other is being washed.  As cat urine has a strong odour it is good to air dry after cleaning.  A well cleaned grass mat will give you 2 to 3 days before you'll notice odours and need to clean again. 

Transitioning your cat from litter to a PupGo

This is very easy but may take a few weeks so be patient.  Making sure your cat is comfortable using the PupGo before removing the litter tray will lessen chances of accidents around the house from an unhappy kitty.

  1. Introduce your cat to the PupGo by placing it next to her normal litter tray.  Place about a cup of her normal kitty litter on top of the grass, near the centre and spread it around a little. This will give a familiarity and smell to the PupGo.
  2. Monitor if your cat is interacting with the PupGo (sniffing, walking on it).  Move it near the front or entrance to her kitty litter box, this will encourage her to walk on it and get use to the feel.  At this stage you may find she starts doing the occasional toilet on her mat.
    If you find she is uncomfortable walking on the new texture, try placing a couple of kitty treats or biscuits on the grass to encourage her on, this will also give a positive association to the grass.
    Cats are finicky creatures so patients and encouragement are key.
  3. As your cat learns to use the PupGo, you can start to reduce the amount of litter you place on the mat.  Don't remove completely too soon.  Keep using a sparing amount of litter on the mat as you start to wean away the old litter tray.
  4. Once she is comfortable with the PupGo and the old litter tray is a thing of the past, you can stop using litter on the mat, and breath a happy sigh of relief that you never have to deal with litter again.
Pictured below is Muffin, she is an ex breeding queen I adopted at 5 1/2 years old.  She lived in a cattery her whole life so has always used litter.  It took approximately 4 weeks to transition her across using the methods above.  As she was already dealing with her environment change I introduced her slowly as I didn't want to force another change on her too quickly, your cat may only take a few days, some cats, like my old kitty, took to it straight away at aged 17.  Muffin uses her PupGo Pet Lawn daily for all her business, even when she has outside access.

    Pupgo for your cat

     Does it smell?

    I won't lie, it's cat urine, yes it can smell but no worse than kitty litter and without the messy clean up and tracking.  A well cleaned and dried mat will last 2-3 days before you will usually notice any smell and need to clean, this is mostly due to the amount of urine sitting in the tray below.  You can wipe out urine daily with a handy towel to gain an extra day or two before cleaning.  Alternatively a spray of PupGo Cleaner and Sanitiser on the underside of the mat works wonders too.  Multiple cat households will require daily cleaning.

    Remove number two as soon as possible for best hygiene for your cat. Collect with toilet paper or handy towel and dispose of down the toilet or in the rubbish.

    If you wash your mat thoroughly and allow to air dry you will find your PupGo is a great, very low odour indoor toilet for your cat without ongoing costs. 

    My cleaning routine every 3 - 4 days - empty urine on the grass, hose mat and tray thoroughly, spray the mat with sanitiser, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse well. 

    We refer to the cat as her/she purely for the purpose and consistency of this article.