Toilet training your puppy with PupGo

One of the first things to teach your puppy is toilet training.  Puppies learn to use PupGo Pet Lawns quickly with minimal training which helps set them up for toileting-training success faster.

The texture of artificial grass makes transitioning your puppy to toileting outdoors faster and less confusing for them than using newspaper or puppy pads, resulting in less accidents in the house and less clean-up required.  By gradually moving your PupGo to the preferred toileting area you can easily  transition your puppy from den to outdoors or another area of the house.

Giving senior pets toileting freedom

As our dogs age, their ability to hold for long periods of time reduces and the frequency that they need to toilet increases, this can become frustrating for busy owners.
PupGo can give your senior pet a place to toilet so they can relieve themselves as they need to, reducing the risk of urinary infection or house soiling accidents.
You can teach an old dog new tricks and seniors tend to take to using their indoor pet lawn quickly with training.

Does your dog have limited access to grass?

Whether you have a small backyard, no backyard, live in an apartment or your dog just spends a lot of time indoors, toileting your dog shouldn't be a hassle. PupGo Pet Lawn provides dogs with their own contained space to toilet that they can use again and again throughout the day. An easy-to-use and easy-to-clean option for dogs with limited spaces to toilet.

A litter-free toilet for cats

Reduce waste and the ongoing costs of buying cat litter by transitioning your cat to a PupGo Pet Lawn.  Plus avoid nasty litter tracking through the house.
With minimal encouragement you can retrain your cat from using kitty litter to toileting on their PupGo.  Even seasoned litter uses can comfortably switch. Our easy to follow training tips can show you how easy it is to make the change over a few weeks.  And don't worry about odour, PupGo Cleaner & Sanitiser makes short work of nasty kitty odours.