• PUPGO - the portable indoor/outdoor pet lawn for dogs & cats

    Providing pets with an easy to use indoor toilet

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  • Limited access to grass

    Do you live in an apartment, townhouse or retirement home?  Is your yard small with limited grass?  PupGo is a wonderful solution for dogs with limited grass access and can be used indoors or out.

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  • Indoor dogs

    Does your dog stay indoors when you go out? Do they sleep inside overnight?  Expecting them to hold on for long periods is unhealthy.  PupGo Pet Lawns provide indoor dogs with a convenient, contained, easy to use space so they can toilet when they need to.

  • Start your puppy off right

    One of the first things to teach your puppy is toilet training.  Puppies take to using PupGo quickly with minimal training and helps set them up for toileting success faster. Clean up is much easier than soggy paper or puppy pads. 

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  • Cats can use PupGo too

    With minimal encouragement you can transition your cat from using kitty litter to toileting on their PupGo reducing waste, ongoing litter cost and litter tracking.  And our PupGo Cleaner & Sanitiser takes care of nasty kitty odours.

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