Wintery Weather and Indoor Accidents

It's one of the most common complaints we hear each winter, "my dog won't go outside when its raining and is peeing in the house"

As winter well and truly sets in the cold blasts hit, snow falls and it rains and rains and rain, no wonder our dogs don't want to go outside to toilet, who would want to go out in that? Not me.  Even the most water-loving dogs may be reluctant to go outside when it's 2˚C, raining and 30 knot winds.  Some days opening the door is chilly enough, not to mention the muddy paws and wet fur when they come back in.  

The good news is our PupGo Pet Lawn can help you out with your fair weather toileter giving them a space to go inside instead of your rug. 

PupGo provides a contained toilet space with plush faux grass for dogs and cats do their business on.  Suitable for both pee and poop, a PupGo can save you from messy cleanups and stains on the carpet.

Worried about how to get your dog to use the PupGo?  If they are toileting inside (or having accidents) you are half way there, they have already overcome that going inside is ok, now its just a matter of showing them where you want them to go.  Leading your dog to it and using your toileting command, praise them as they show interest, repeating your toileting command with enthusiasm and praise even more so if your dog does its business on the PupGo.  If you dog constantly toilets in the same spot, try placing the PupGo there initially while you get them use to it. Only try this if you can't get them to toilet where you want them to.

Laundries and bathrooms are fantastic places to place your PupGo and gives easy access for cleaning.  When placing your PupGo give your dog room to walk on and off, this will help eliminate the risk of misses and set your dog up for success. Placing against a wall is fine but be cautious with pushing it into corners as this may restrict your dogs movement.

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