About Us

At Furr Kids we believe that our furry friends, the ones who offer us unconditional love, who rush to greet us when we get home, who slap us with wet kisses, who make us laugh and smile, who love to cuddle and share their warmth, should be honoured, cherished and spoilt rotten every single day!!

My passion for animals and wanting to spend every minute with my cats and dogs was my inspiration to launched Furr Kids. In the beginning of 2004 when New Zealand had very little available in fun, funky and functional products for cats and dogs, I knew that on the other side of the world furr kids were being showered with the latest fashion, hilarious toys and coolest cribs, I knew I had to get some of it for my dog and cats. But I also wanted to share the love and bring these same products to your furr kids through this website.

Furr Kids strives to continue to provide the best quality, most innovative, fun and unique products for you and your pets.

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