PupGo 80 Complete Starter Pack

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The PupGo 80 Complete Starter Pack has everything you need to get your dog using their portable indoor/outdoor toilet. Comes with your PupGo 80 tray, two grass mats so you can have a clean mat ready to go while the other is being washed and dried plus a 500ml PupGo Sanitiser and Cleaner to keep your PupGo smelling great and bacteria-free.

  • Convenient, no fuss toileting for dogs & cats of all ages & sizes
  • Great for puppies & seniors
  • Self draining grass
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfect for apartments, balconies, boats, travel or anytime access to grass is limited
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Made in NZ (imported grass)
  • Tray size: 80cm x 80cm
    Height: 3.7cm
    Grass size: 75cm x 75cm
    1. 1 x PupGo 80 Tray
    2. 2 x PupGo Grass
    3. PupGo Sanitiser and Cleaner Ready-to-Use Spray 500ml. (Please note your Sanitiser will be sent separately)
    4. Cleaning Instructions and Training your Dog to use PupGo Guide
    5. Discount code for extra grass

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