What is PupGo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn?

The PupGo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn is a convenient and hygienic dog toilet that offers pets a natural surface to use anytime, anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It's the ideal solution for pets in apartments or areas with limited access to grass. Ideal for dogs averse to rain or those who prefer indoor activities, and especially suitable for dogs who enjoy boating vacations, especially around the Hauraki Gulf or Bay of Islands where many of the islands are prohibited to dogs.

Who can use PupGo

The PupGo works well for dogs of all ages, and its sleek design allows puppies and older dogs to easily step on and off without any difficulty. It's also beneficial for post-operative dogs who may require assistance when using the bathroom during their recovery.

PupGo is ideal for puppy toilet training. The grass texture of PupGo makes it easy for your puppy to transition from using PupGo indoors to going outside on the lawn.

Cats love PupGo! This short, self-draining grass creates a litter box lawn without the mess of tracking and the ongoing expenses of buying litter or disposing of it.

What’s it made of

The PupGo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn is made up of a rigid ABS plastic base with integrated raised domes that hold the faux grass mat up away from the base allowing fluids to drain through freely, keeping the grass dry for multiple uses.

The tray has been designed for outdoor use, to suit New Zealands harsh weather conditions and to minimise any warping when left in the hot sun.  Made from 50% recycled, reground fiber, the PupGo tray is strong you can walk on it, one has even been run over by a car with only very minor scraping and was fine for use.  So whether your dog is 2kg or 50kg the PupGo won’t crack, warp or dent.

The grass is purposely designed to be self draining and allow fluids to seep through, keeping the surface as dry as possible for your pet throughout the day.  It is durable and long lasting.  With regular cleaning your PupGo grass should last for around 2 years plus.  

We have extra grass available should you ever need a replacement.  If the PupGo is your dogs main toilet, or multiple dogs are using the same PupGo, we recommend having an extra mat at the ready so you always have a clean grass to pop down when the other is being washed.

How it works

How the PupGo dog toilet works


Cleaning is easy, simply remove any solids and either flush down the waste system or dispose of in the rubbish.  Drain liquids from the tray and rinse both tray and grass with fresh water and a mild eco friendly detergent, air dry - it really is that easy.  Don’t worry if the grass is not completely dry when you put in back down for your dog to use, the excess moisture will drain to the tray below.  Click here for more cleaning information


Many dogs take to the PupGo instinctively, especially puppies but some will require a bit more encouragement.  If you have taught your dog all its life not to toilet in the house and now you are saying it is ok, this can be confusing for them, so it can be best to start them off using it outside or where they would normally toilet. 
For puppies, introduce them from day one and keep it near to their crate or where they will sleep in the beginning. 

If you are planning to use the PupGo for traveling or boating, its a really good idea to get your dog use to it before hand.  The more comfortable they are using their PupGo in familiar surroundings the more likely they will use it elsewhere. 

We do include some training tips with your PupGo to get you started.  Remember patients, praise and reward work well when teaching your dog anything new.

  • Perfect for home, apartments, balconies, boats, travel or when access to grass is limited.
  • Simple to use, easy to clean.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages
  • Low profile walk-on, walk-off design with minimal step up
  • Great for puppies - no messy, expensive pee pads

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