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PupGo 80 - Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn 80cm

PupGo 80 - Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn 80cm

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Measuring 80cm, PupGo 80 is one of the largest dog toilets available. Its distinct square shape reflects the typical toileting routine of those canine companions that like to circle before finding the ideal spot.  PupGo 80 is suited to dogs of all shapes and sizes.  A generous space for medium to large dogs.


  • 80cm square x 3.7cm high

PupGo 80 includes:

  • 1 x PupGo 80 Tray
  • 1 x PupGo 80 Grass
  • Cleaning Instructions
  • Training your Dog to use PupGo Guide
  • 25% off discount code for extra grass
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The nitty gritty details.

The benefits:

  • Convenient, no fuss toileting for dogs & cats of all ages & sizes
  • Self draining grass
  • One piece molded tray for easy cleaning
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Made to last and won't warp outdoors
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Made in NZ
  • All PupGo Pet Lawns come with cleaning and training instructions, and a 25% off code for extra grass

About PupGo Pet Lawn

The PupGo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn is an easy to use, easy to clean pet toilet.

Featuring a one-piece molded tray for easy, mess-free cleaning, it has been specifically designed to allow the grass above to drain freely, keeping the grass surface clean and dry so it can be used over and over. The commercial grade, synthetic grass mat is designed specifically for pets. It provides dogs and cats with a lawn-like feel that they can use day or night, indoors or out, at home or on the go.

PupGo grass is anti-bacterial, free-draining, with a woven backing.

Made in New Zealand, the PupGo tray is tough and durable for outdoor use. The tray is UV stable reducing any chance of warping if left in the sun. This makes it the perfect dog toileting solution for boats.

Who is PupGo suitable for:

  • Dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Cats
  • Puppies - a cleaner and waste-free option for toilet training instead of paper or pads.
  • Seniors - at only 3.7cm high there is no significant step up, making it an safe option for seniors or dogs recovering from surgery or injury.
  • Perfect for apartments, balconies, boats, travel or anytime access to grass is limited.