PupGo 80 - Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn 80cm

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Pets can "go" anytime on a PupGo.

Designed for dogs who don't always have access to the outdoors or the ability to make it to grass in time. The large 80cm x 80cm size of the PupGo 80 is perfect for large dogs or multiple small dog homes.

The PupGo 80 portable indoor/outdoor pet lawn is an easy to use, easy to clean dog toilet grass mat and tray system that provides pets with a lawn like feel that they can use day or night, indoors or out, at home or on the go.

Specifically designed, anti-bacterial, free-draining, woven, synthetic grass sits on a catchment tray that has a raised grate-like bottom. This holds the grass raised up so when your dog toilets on the grass fluids drain through, keeping the grass surface clean and dry so it can be used over and over.

PupGo is perfect for toilet training puppies instead of paper or pads, and a lot less messy. The grass texture of the PupGo makes transitioning your puppy from toileting on his PupGo to outside on the lawn a breeze too.

Cats also enjoy using PupGo, the short grass that self drains provides a litter box lawn without the nasty litter tracking and the ongoing costs of buying litter or the hassle of dispose of it.

The walk on, walk off low profile of the PupGo makes it easy for seniors or those recovering from injury to use too. At only 3.7cm high there is no significant step up.

Made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, the PupGo tray is tough to handle most pet weights and durable for outdoor use. The tray is UV stable reducing any chance of warping if left in the sun. This makes it the perfect dog toileting solution for boats.

  • Convenient, no fuss toileting for dogs & cats of all ages & sizes
  • Great for puppies & seniors
  • Self draining grass
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfect for apartments, balconies, boats, travel or anytime access to grass is limited
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Made in NZ (imported grass)
  • Tray size: 80cm x 80cm, Height: 3.7cm
    Grass size: 75cm x 75cm
    1. 1 x PupGo 80 Tray
    2. 1 x PupGo Grass
    3. Cleaning Instructions
    4. Training your Dog to use PupGo Guide
    5. How to Transition your Cat Guide
    6. Discount voucher for extra grass

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