Pets and Retirement

Making the decision to move into retirement lifestyle living is a huge decision and should be a time to enjoy a new community, new friends and freedom from the requirements of home maintenance.  But for many it is quite the opposite, these things can cause anxiety, stress and the thought of change can be scary.  Luckily many villages are now  pet friendly and embrace the special bond and comfort a pet can provide, so the thought of rehoming your best friend is not one you have to consider.

But how do you manage your pets toilet needs in your new home?  Many units will only have a small patio, balcony or no outdoor space at all, so providing your pet with a dedicated toilet, made specifically for them, allows them the freedom to toilet when they need to.  You do not have to worry about taking them out for toilet breaks, navigating stairs in a rush, venture out in the dark, wet or cold, or using common areas in the village for toileting your dog.   Our PupGo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lawn is a contained toilet that your dog or cat can use at anytime throughout the day, giving you both peace of mind so you can enjoy your new life. 

PupGo is lightweight and easy to move around.  You can place your pets toilet in an area that is convenient for both of you, bathroom, laundry or balcony are common spots.  Having the toilet on a solid surface is a good idea for easy cleaning should your pet accidental miss.  If you have limited space you can place your PupGo in the bottom of the shower and leave the door open so your pet can come and go as they need.  

Cleaning your pets toilet is easy.  Solid waste can be removed with toilet tissue and flushed away.  For liquids, drain these out of the tray into your toilet or drain.  Give both the grass and the tray a thorough wash with cold water, the flexible hand shower in your shower stall is great for this if you have no laundry.  We have a wonderful sanitiser product that removes any nasty smells and bacteria.  I highly recommend it for keeping your PupGo smelling fresh and clean.  Or you may use a mild detergent.  To dry, simply pop the grass back on the tray and lean it up against something to drip dry.  If you are in a rush you can pop the wet grass back down on the tray and place it on the floor for your pet to use.  The grass will self drain and dry while down.

Easy to Use

PupGo is a simple two part, contained toilet solution that gives pets a lawn-like space to do their business.  The grass is free-draining so they can use multiple times each day, and solids are easy to remove with toilet tissue and flushed away.

A Cleaner Alternative for Cats

PupGo works equally as well for cats living in retirement apartments and units.  It removes the need for kitty litter, keeping floors cleaner, reducing waste and saving money. 

Get Started Early

The change and move can be stressful for your pet too, we recommend getting them started on their PupGo well before moving day to set them up for success.  Get them confidently using their pet toilet early, this will help them transition to toileting at their new surroundings faster and reduce the risk of accidents.  

Don’t worry if your dog or cat are “senior” also, they can quickly adapt to using their new toilet with a bit of training.  We have had positive feedback from owners with dogs and cats 14 years plus.  My own kitty started using a PupGo at age 16 years, and used it until she passed at 21.  We provide you with all you need to know to help teach them to toilet on their PupGo.  And if you have any problems we’re just a phone call or email away to help.  

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